Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I Have to Ask

Why, Sharks promotional department, perhaps marketing department, why, oh why did you give the Sharks All-Star campaign such terrible artwork to run with? I don't want to sound rude, but, did you guys look at it before you approved it? I only ask because compared to the other campaigns out there, it's terrible and judging by the vote totals, rather ineffective. (maybe it's scaring voters away? It's really kinda freaky looking)

Have you not seen the awesome that is the Blackhawks propaganda machine? Pensblog has, without fancy creepy vector portraits, managed to get some of their players over the Habs hump. The fan driven write in Seto push has worked, giving him the highest amount of write in votes. That's with fan created art and campaigning.

While I like the idea of running with the political tie in, seeing as how this was a major campaign year, it just wasn't done right. (see the above videos for examples of how to do it right and do it well) Next time, I suggest not using drawings that kinda freak fans out. Maybe try fun little flash games, cool video ads, awesome posters, and most importantly, flattering portraits of your players.



The Robber Baron said...

Couldn't agree more! Maybe they should of hired you guys to consult on their campaign. Although, I think secretly the sharks organization wanted to tank this year's votes for the all star game to give their guys extra rest for the 2nd half.

Gray said...

I'm beginning to wonder if that really was the plan...