Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Sean Avery, Drama Llama

Awesome Drama Llama idea cannot be attributed to me, alas! Too good to pass up though.

Way to show a serious lack of respect and class for yourself, the game and your fellow players. Not to mention your ex. It's a stupid and entirely avoidable reason for getting suspended. Say something on the ice if you have to, but keep it about the game, not life off the ice. Or, keep it clean on camera. Don't be stupid.

I'm not sure what he said was worth a suspension. A fine, for sure. I figure the suspension is Bettman covering himself. You could make an argument for him trying to make the league look good too, by letting guys know not to run their mouths. You could also make the argument that he did it to protect Avery from on ice retaliation, though, I'm pretty sure Avery would have welcomed it. Talking is what he does. So, maybe not. Who he is likely played a roll in the decision to suspend.

I usually find Avery's antics mildly amusing, if only because, as one of Mina's friends said, it's impressive to watch a guy who really doesn't care. Even here, I laughed when I saw the headline. Avery, suspended. Not a surprise. Still, I think it lacks class. I'm not saying guys can't say how they feel, or take digs at other players, but talking about someone else's love life on camera is a bit too whatever for me.


Bethany said...

It's Sean Avery, being Sean Avery. Most of what they say on the ice is not about hockey, it's personal, they know what is going on in the others life, and they use it to their advantage.

Gray said...

Oh, I am totally not surprised that he said it. I just think it's pretty low to go there on camera.

Bethany said...

I personally don't think anything he said was bad or offensive...or low even.

If my mom doesn't get offended there is no need to be offended.

Gray said...

I'm not offended, so much as I think he went a little too day time talk show.
I did laugh.
I can still think he's kind of a tool, right?

Gray said...

I tried to clarify more in the post. Anyway, he made my afternoon far more interesting, which is something. I still think it was a ridiculous thing to say, but, that's just me.