Saturday, December 13, 2008

Sharks v Blues

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7:30pm tonight. Radio, CSN+, Tank, Interwebs

Mina will be your recapper tonight, as I have to miss the game due to Christmas Party interference. She'll be at the game. Maybe if you're lucky she'll post some of the hundreds of pictures she takes.

JR is out thanks to lingering issues from his dislocated shoulder. Ducks, you're still on notice.

Kaspar is up.

They're selling Nabby bobbleheads at the game.

Legace is out thanks to a knee to the head he took on Wednesday. Mason or Bishop will be in.

Post Game Recap: Minako Style

That game was pretty insane in it's up and down nature. Or more like great play and epic suck. There were points in time where the Sharks played like the best team in the NHL and periods where they played like they should be in the cellar with Tampa Bay. The good news is that the 2nd period of suck set up a 3rd period of eventual epic awesome. Once again Patty Marleau picked up the team and carried them when they most needed him. I'm still not entirely sure I know how he was able to gather that puck to go in the net, but that is part of why he wears the C. For me, this is more evidence that whatever Ron Wilson thought was the right way to motivate Patty was completely wrong. He is a completely different player from last year and, on behalf of Sharks fans everywhere, I thank our cephalopod overlord. Also, God bless Ryane Clowe.

In terms of pictures, I took my photographer boyfriend to this game (Despite how that sounds, I only have one boyfriend who actually knows who I am. The rest are all imaginary.) and figured I would end up with some good ones cause he could help me. I did not imagine that he would end up borrowing my camera and taking some amazing pictures....on his own CF card. Needless to say, I need to steal those pictures and put them online. And also the ones he (and I) took using his super cool borrowed tilt-shift lens. Pictures which will be available someday. I promise.

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