Saturday, December 27, 2008

Sharks v Blues

Hope everyone had a good holiday. I got a stomach bug for Christmas, what did you get?

Onto business!

Tonight at 5:30. TV, radio, interwebs

Ok, I'm going to keep this pretty short. Sorry for the lack of post but I wasn't very engaged in this game.

After the quick score in the first by the Blues, I decided taking a shower would be a better use of my time. I came back in time for the last few minutes of the first. It didn't look like I missed much.

I kinda watched the second. It seemed better, but not great. The two goals by Cheech and Grier were awesome. The rest was...well it was OK.

The third was *shrug* I missed the second Blues goal thanks to some house related drama. Sharks had a lot of pressure in the Blues end at one point but nothing came of it.

And now, I'll be missing OT due to needing to get dinner.

Uh, so yeah, there's your weecap in all it's lackluster glory.

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