Sunday, December 7, 2008

My Internet Hockey Boyfriend

(Apologies to my actual boyfriend who is on the internet but not into hockey. Also Steve Dangle has no idea who I am. I just admire from a far. He's a little young for me.)

Have you seen Leafs Fan Reaction lately? You really should. No, seriously. Go now. I'll wait...

Isn't he fantastic? OK maybe I find him funnier than most other people, but I find him both smart about hockey and able to make fun of his team while still showing the love. Below are some of my favorite videos to give you a taste.

Greatest Hits
Getting Brodeur'd - Some of my favorite bits are the ones involving the player figurines. Nothing beats Brodeur. "Blocker side? More like NO GOAL SIDE!!"
Sundin's Hamlet - Just watch. Shakespeare + hockey = Win
Nuh nuh....nuh nuh nuh nuh.... - I'm biased. I love having seen the Sharks beat the Leafs twice in the last 2 seasons. But I also love watching the carnivorous Joe Thornton card.

There are more, but it's late and I should sleep. I suppose he's easier to like cause I don't often care about the Leafs and the Sharks only face them once a year. Give the kid a chance and at least you'll have a good chance of being amused.

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Mr. Plank said...

I had only seen one of his videos before (on Pensblog I believe) and didn't think that he had a whole series of videos.

Wow. Talk about missing out.

Thanks for the heads up!