Sunday, January 11, 2009

Ask not what Couch Tarts can do for you.....

I have a halfway mark Sharks evaluation in the works (which will get posted sometime before the 42nd game Wednesday). What I'm looking for from people is 3 Sharks that you are impressed with so far and 3 you are less than impressed with. You can give reasons if you have 'em and I will include them in the piece. Thanks!

Edit: Sorry kids. It's the end of the semester and there are a bazillion things I am supposed to be doing and this mid-season report is lower on the list. I should be able to finish it in time to be up before Saturday's game. Thanks for the patience.

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The Robber Baron said...

3 Sharks I'm Impressed with:

Rob Blake: Wasn't sure if he still had it in him, but he still has a rocket launcher shot.

Devin Setoguchi: We all knew Devin would put up some points playing with Joe and Patty, but seriously, 42 points through 41 games!! It's not like Devin has just been feeding off Joe and Patty's passes, he's also been great at creating chances for himself with a great shot and amazing speed.

Joe Thornton, Patrick Marleau, Dan Boyle, Evgeni Nabokov: These are all guys we knew would have great seasons and help lead the sharks to the promised land. There is an immense amount of pressure on this team and it only builds as we get closer and closer to the playoffs but these guys continue to raise their game and help this team rise to challenge. These guys have shown true leadership in different areas of the game and have single-handedly lifted the team on their backs at various points in this season.

3 Sharks I'm NOT Impressed with:

Cheechoo: Was expecting a 25 goal season and has only delivered 6 while missing several games with more mysterious injuries. Additionally, Cheechoo's lack of a strong skating ability has made him look too slow for this team. At least he still has some strong battles for the puck in the corner.

Ehrhoff: Had a great start but has become "Errorhoff" again turning the puck over while often shooting way wide.

Semenov: I may have to move this guy to the impressed section. He's had flashes on brilliance with some great blocked shots but has also cost the sharks goals with some terrible plays. I think he's finally found a place on the team on the 4th line.