Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sharks v Flames

7pm radio, tv, interwebs

Fear the Fin will have the stream it. They will hopefully have a good comments thread too.

The Flames and Sharks both sit atop their respective divisions. If there was ever a time to play for a full 60 minutes it's tonight. The Flames will not be pushovers. Whatever isn't clicking for the Sharks needs to start clicking tonight.

Staubitz is back up. Go Staubitz!

Post Game Recap:

Well, that wasn't a full 60 minutes was it?

So here's the deal. I could talk about the few pluses in this game, and there were some, or I could talk about all the minuses, and there were a lot, or I could not do either. We all know what went right and what went wrong, (and if you don't both teams will have official and unofficial recaps nowish-tomorrow) and instead explain it in a way that might make everyone feel less like hitting the booze hard tonight.

At my school we had this saying; everyone has so many bad drawings in them an the only way to get them all out is to draw all the time. Draw early and often, if you will. It's a clever way of saying "keep drawing and you'll get better."

Same goes for hockey. Keep working and you'll play better. The hope is that the Sharks get all these bad games out now so they have that many more good games come playoff time. It might be a stretch but it's a good way to keep the season in perspective on night when you're feeling a little down (angry, frustrated, miffed, saddened, etc) about how the game went.

That's the end of my pep talk for tonight.

Go Sharks!

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