Friday, January 9, 2009

Sharks V Oilers

Tonight at 6pm radio, tv, interwebs

Wondering why there's no game day preview post?

I was nearly carried off by ginormous butterflies today. Fending them off seriously cut into my writing time.

For real.

true story

Post Game Recap:

That's more like it! A full 60 minutes, minus a few sloppy penalties and the Sharks get the win over the dreaded Oilers 4-1.

Other cool things that happened:

Blake got his 500th assist. Way to go Blake!

Staubitz got his first NHL goal! Way to go, kid!

Nabby made some HUGE saves. HUGE.

Todd McLellan became the second rookie coach in NHL history to become the head coach for the All-Star Game.

Patty had two goals.

Semenov and Strudwick had one the slowest fights ever. They actually got five for fighting this time, instead of two for roughing. No joke call this time.

Two PP and two even strength goals for the Sharks.

I can't believe I nearly forgot this but Douglas Murray got his first assist of the season tonight putting him on pace for two points. Congrats on getting that first assist, Douglas!

Other Things:

There were a lot of "what huh?" moments in this game.

The Oilers got hit by the injury bug during the game, which was unfortunate.

Stortini hit his head but hurt his knee fighting with Staubitz.

Speaking of Staubitz, kid had some penalty minutes tonight.

Roloson was chased after the 1st. The Sharks managed 3 goals on 10 shots. Big difference from the last time the Sharks saw him, when he had his magic force field up and could have potentially stopped the Hockey Gods themselves.

Garon let in 1 on 21 shots.

The Sharks overall looked better and played better than they have tin the past few games. It was a marked improvement from the downright embarrassing performance in Calgary earlier this week. Let's hope they can keep the improvement streak rolling tomorow night in Vancouver and beyond.

Sharks goals by: seto, Staubitz, Marleau, Marleau

Oilers goal by: Grebeshkov

3 Stars: (1) Marleau (2) Seto (3) Nabby

Seto was named to the Young Stars team today. The vote for Seto campaign didn't fully succeed, but it got him this far. I'd say that's mostly a success.

Go Sharks!

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