Thursday, January 8, 2009

My Search Fu Needs Your Help

Ahoy there internet denizens. You may have noticed a lack of Overheard at the Game posts lately. We didn't hear anything at the Islanders game worth illustrating (209 is best experienced in person. There is no way to capture it. 208 was too awesome to make fun of) and while we did hear something very much worth repeating at the Sharks v Rangers game on Dec 20th, I need your help to share it.

If you were at the game, and stayed in your seats during one of the intermissions you may have seen a bit on the jumbotron where several Sharks were asked what they'd bring if they were stranded on a desert island. Originally I had wanted to do my own illsutrated version of JR's answer (which was amazingly hilarious) and then post the video. Just one problem, I can't find the video. I don't have the best search fu, but I have done my best to scour YouTube and the Sharks site and as of a few days ago, this gem does not exist online. So I am asking anyone who may have recorded it, or knows someone who did, to YouTube it and send us the link. It was one of the funniest videos I have seen them do during intermission and it's a shame it can't be shared.


The Robber Baron said...

I remember hearing it. JR said he would bring a box of wine, a fine blonde and a boat for them to leave after they were done. Sorry if that's not the EXACT wording, but I remember it being very very close to those words.

Gray said...

I think I recall the words decently well, but the video was so good I want to share it so people get the full effect. It is such a shame that no one seems to have it!