Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Cheer Up, Charlie

There is some good news. Dan Boyle will be attending his first All Star Game this month and Joe will be attending his 80th* While I sadly see no mention of Seto or Marleau, at least the Sharks will have someone on the ice to balance out the Ducks.

Much like the baseball All Star Game, I generally only care about the skills competition and not the actual game itself. It's fun to see these guys do what they do best, without restrictions or the pressure of game time. Maybe this year some people will bust out some crazy stuff for the Breakaway Challenge like Ovechkin did last year. (video of the entire challenge is here in case you haven't see it.) Stuff like that is fun to watch. Since the game itself has no baring on the season, aside from adding travel and a day of work to a player's schedule, and it somewhat requires me to root for players I don't normally like, I have a harder time getting into it. Same goes for baseball. (root for the Angels? GAH!)

*number of All Star Games attended may be slightly inflated

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