Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day, Sharks V Canucks, Part Lemieux

Tonight @ 7:30, radio, tv, Tank, interwebs

New President, new teammate, new chance to renew the friendly rivalry between ourselves and our friend the Canucks fan. I really have no idea what Lemieux will bring to the ice tonight so I'm not even going to bother guessing. What I do know is that this should be a good game.

Loosk like Lemieux will be on the fourth line with Plihal and Shelley.

As an aside to reader Daniel, thanks for sending in the idea. If I can fit it in, I will.

Post Game Recap:

Not much to discuss about the first 59 minutes of last night's game. I was sitting next to our friend the Canucks fan and he was pretty unimpressed by both teams. It wasn't that Vancouver was out playing the Sharks, it's that the Sharks weren't playing at all. At times I felt like Luongo and Nabby were the only two guys who showed up ready to play.

Luongo played great all night. It felt like it was just a matter of time before a puck went in behind him, but he blocked everything.

The Canucks sat back after they got their goal and didn't really press to get a second. There was a point, I forget what period, when Sundin looked like he was about to score the tying goal. Nabby was down and for some reason, rather than lift the puck up, he shot it right at the sprawling Nabokov. That was pretty much the best chance the Canucks had all night to take the 2-0 lead and they blew it.

I guess someone on the team realized if they lost it would be only the second home game lost in regulation this season and that spooked them into showing up in the last minutes of the 3rd. With 39.5 seconds left Setoguchi scored. To say the Tank erupted would be to put it mildly. As we said at the time, it only took 6 guys and 59 minutes for the Sharks to get a goal.

OT started and the Canucks threatened a little. but then took a penalty. 4 on 3 worked out well for the Sharks as Patty got the game winner behind Luongo three minutes in. There was some discussion that they play should have been stopped before the goal went in. The refs didn't use their whistles much all night, so it's no surprise they didn't here.

Speaking of which, how do you not call someone for a trip when their stick is wedged into Joe Pa's skate? Seriously.

An almost fight broke out at the end of the game. I guess a Sedin ran into Nabby and Clowe took offense. There was a lot of pushing and shoving but nothing really came of it.

Sharks fans gave Lemieux a warm welcome. He nearly had a goal. Wouldn't that have been an awesome way to say hello to your new team?

Stat o' the Game - 59:15
That's how much hockey the Sharks wasted looking like a last place team before actually deciding to, um I don't know, play hockey. It was decently painful to watch in person. This is the second crappy game that I've taken my boyfriend to and I could understand if he never got interested in hockey based off these games. On the one hand, the Sharks showed how little hockey they actually had to play in order to win a game (a conservative estimate put that time at around 5 minutes). On the other hand, holy crap! What a terrible precedent to set! I know how excited we were to see them put together a 60 minute effort against the Redwings, but that does not excuse this outcome.

Word o' the Game - Sloppy

Is there a better word to describe the game other than sloppy? Most of the game was full of missed passes, missed assignments, and the Sharks just being enough out of position to be an issue. Fortunately for them, the Canucks played most of the game equally sloppy. There's not much else to say about the game other than the fact that the Sharks are going to have a very hard time beating any team playing like that.

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