Saturday, January 17, 2009

Enough Frakking Nonsense, Sharks V Redwings Round 3

Tonight @ 7:30. Radio, TV, Tank, Interwebs

If you're going it's Chinese New Year Mystery Puck night. Gotta love Mystery Puck Night.

So, this game is important. Maybe you didn't realize the Wings were 1 point behind us for the lead in the West now, but they are. They had a bit better run, (10-1-2), since beating whomping the Sharks 6-0 at the Joe. The Sharks were only 7-2-2 (which isn't bad when you think about it, unless you have Detroit on your heels), causing them to lose ground on the lead for Best in the West.

The best way to bounce back from the first home loss of the season?
Beat Detroit.

Rob Blake Update courtesy of Working the Corners. He's out tonight and Tuesday.

Post Game Recap:

This was one of those games I wished I'd tivoed. Did you miss it? Kick yourself if you did because you missed a helluva a game. If it wasn't for the fact that I have no voice, I would have been alternating between cheering and screaming at my tv. This game was crazy good.

Talk about "playoff atmosphere" this game would be next to that phrase in the dictionary, in case you needed a visual definition.

Did you catch when Shelly pegged Staubitz in the head after Marleau's absolutely beautiful goal? Hilariously jazzed.

This game was a a possible coronary waiting to happen for those watching.
Allow me to show you the goals...

1st Period:
2:59 Boyle, EV, Sharks up 1-0
4:07 Filppula, EV, game tied 1-1
7:22 Joe Pa!, EV, Sharks up 2-1

2nd Period:
1:34 Hossa, PP, game tied 2-2
4:31 Franzen, EV, Wings take the lead 3-2
7:56 Ehrhoff, PP, Sharks tie 3-3
15:37 Zetterberg, EV, Wings up 4-3
18:55 Cheechoo, PP, game tied 4-4

3rd Period:
10:18 A beautiful goal by Michalek, EV, Sharks up 5-4
13:24 Another beautiful goal by Marleau, EV, Sharks up 6-4
18:04, Rafalski, EV, Sharks WIN 6-5

Is that or is that not insane?

Did anyone else lol at Vlasic getting 2 for roughing?

Big Joe offered to fight either Raflaski or someone else involved in the end of 2nd scrum. I believe there was a suggestion to go in the third. They almost went right then and there, but were directed off ice by the officials.

Lost of stepping up by the Sharks. That folks, though it included a few mistakes, was a solid 60 minutes of hockey.

How awesome is Ryane Clowe? 4 assists and was a +4 and four hits

The hits might have been even on the score sheets but the Sharks were throwing their weight around. Always nice to see.

Franzen was injured. No word on that.

San Jose pulls 3 points ahead of the Wings and regains the overall lead as well. Big game, big win.

Other cool stuff:

Seto and Clowe will be at the Sports Gallery doing signings tomorrow. I'd go, but I don't want to give them my uber cold. I suggest you healthy souls go and tell them how awesome this game was.

Minako's Stat o' the Game: 11 goals by 11 different players

Gray gave you a list of all the goals, but I think it is really important to note in this game there were no multiple goal scorers. That's not too weird except that there were 11 goals scored. This shows exactly why both teams are super dangerous: their depth. On the Sharks side, their amazing top line contributed 1 point tonight. Seriously, only Marleau's goal. Despite solid games by the whole line, Joe had no points and only one shot on goal and Seto was a -1 (!!!!). It is a comfort to see that when your top line is absent from the scoring your other players like Clowe (!!!!), Michalek (!!!), and Vlasic (roughing!!) step up. Especially when it is against one of the best teams in the league (Yes, Boston, we know you're pretty damn good too.)

Minako's Word o' the Game: OMFG!!1!
When Gray and I can watch games together, we chat over ICQ (Yes, people still use that). None of the chats would make any sense to people not watching the game or not us, but we find them damn entertaining. Last night OMFG, the o.O face, and a lot of undecipherable gibberish made strong showings in the chat log. It was really the kind of game that needed to be experienced to be understood, which makes me think it was criminal that it was not nationally broadcast. Like Drew said at the end of the game (I'm paraphrasing) "You should make a tape of this game and show it to anyone in order to get them interested in HOCKEY!!!" (The way he said hockey was priceless) That game made me proud to be a Sharks and hockey fan. Even if it did stop my heart on occasion.

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