Sunday, January 25, 2009

Superskills and YoungStars Weecap

Just some quick thoughts from yesterday's Superskills Competition & YoungStars game.

I wish it was longer.

What I like better than inane commentary is knowing who has the puck, Versus. Also, please to not be showing replays when there's a running clock. We missed goals. We didn't really care that much, but it's the principle of thing.

Ovechkin is the best showboater currently in the league. Period. That bit with the hat was hilarious. "I bet that was Malkin's hat!"

Streit, man, I am sorry that you will forever be that guy falling down at the All-Star Game.

Chara's shot was crazy. 105.4. A tip of the hat to Iafrate, who's record stood for 16 years.

The accuracy comp. is always impressive. Just wow. But McDonalds branded plates? feh.

Does anyone know how they picked people for the events? We were curious.

We enjoyed the elimination shootout way more than we should have.

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