Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sharks V Avs

Tonight at 6pm. Radio, TV, Interwebs

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The Sharks are back in action tonight, facing a team they haven't seen since November. The Avs aren't in a favorable position, sitting at the very bottom of the Northwest Division and 12th in the West, but as the last game before the break proved the Sharks can't sit back no matter who they're facing. A full 60 minutes is mandatory for every game.

Here's to a full 60 minutes from the Sharks tonight.

In somewhat related news, Alexei Semenov will be at the Sharks Store tomorrow, starting at 4:30. Word on the street is he's a super nice guy.

Post Game Recap:

Sorry this is running a tad late. Trying to get some work done. But enough non hockey talk, onto post game!

Tonight was the Milan Michalek show. All Milan, all the time. (Except for that empty net goal by Patty.) He had an awesome game. Just great.

Nabokov also had an amazing game. He stopped 31 shots to get the shut out. This despite being made into a Nabby Sandwich by an out of control Smyth and a net.

Despite a dominate score, the were a few times when the Sharks got sloppy and allowed Colorado to control the game. Also, too many men. Lucky for us Sharks fans, and for the Sharks, Colorado never managed to fully take advantage of those mistakes. They did have some excellent chances, but Nabby shut the door.

Semenov was a checking machine.

Douglas Murray was once again, a brick wall. He got into a fight after knocking around one of Colorado's recently healed players.

As I mentioned above, Patty got an empty net goal to seal the 3-0 deal near the end of the game.

The Sharks are doing a blood drive Thursday. If you're eligible and available, go do it. They really need some A- and O-. You'll get to watch the Sharks practice too!

Stat o' the Game - 100% Save Percentage
Nabby pitched another shut out for the season, bringing his season total to 3. It certainly wasn't a wimpy shutout as Nabby faced 31 shots. There were definitely points in the game where the Avs carried the game and Nabby kept the Sharks in the game. He made one save off Ryan Smyth that made your heart stop and looked like there was about to be a tie game. I was certain the puck had gone in (so did Smyth) and somehow Nabby kept the puck out. (Kudos to the refs for seeing the play well on the ice) A classic Nabby save and a solid Nabby performance. 1st star well earned.

Word o' the Game - Disciplined
After the game, Nabby was quoted as saying, "After five days off you don't know exactly where you will be, you don't know exactly what to expect from the home team. But we know what we expect from ourselves. Maybe it wasn't a perfect game, but it was a disciplined game and a smart game." I think that's the best way to describe the effort the Sharks put forward. The Avs controlled the game for much longer than one might prefer and there were certainly moments where the Sharks were playing poorly (A Too Many Men penalty? Seriously?) But overall the Sharks did what they needed to win and the effort was far better than the game against the Canucks. I have said this many times over the season, but the Sharks are finding very different ways to win and that is generally encouraging for the rest of the season.

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