Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Couch Tarts Hockey Field Trip (kinda)

Next weekend I will be making the trip down to LA to see only the second Sharks road game I have ever seen. (The first was when I was living in DC before I was a serious, blog writing, hockey fan) I should be the only person in 332 wearing a Torrey Mitchell jersey if you want to come say hi. (*cough* Rudy Kelly *cough* Mr Plank *cough*) I still can't believe that the tickets are $30. $30! Seriously. I promise to be as well behaved as possible especially since I am bringing a friend who isn't a big hockey fan and I'd like him to still talk to me after the game. I promise I don't bite and most likely won't stalk you later.

It is also in my plans to be able to see the Sharks play in Anaheim sometime this season. However, I really want Gray to come with me but she's afraid she might get us kicked out of the arena. (Seriously her patience is the stuff of legends and her previous run-ins with Anaheim fans (of the Angels variety) have been less than ideal) What I need is a Ducks fan (*cough* Sleek *cough*) to convince her that it would be an awesome idea for us to go to a game at the Pond. Cause if you think we are awesome online (and we are), imagine how fantastic we would be in enemy territory.


Earl Sleek said...

I don't think they kick people out of Anaheim's arena; I think I've proven that.

Doooooooo it. And if you manage to hurry your act up by October 17, that's the game I'm already going to attend (though with a little heads-up I suppose I could be convinced to attend another).

And bring some G Nibs.

The Robber Baron said...

I'll be attending the March 15th game. Section 223. I'm sure us Sharks fans should have a good showing for that game. I was offered tickets for the Oct 17th game but I have a debate tournament I have to attend =(

Gray said...

I'm still not convinced.
I know I couldn't make the Oct 17th game. It's too soon and the airfare is too high.

Mr. Plank said...

Gray- if you're willing to drive down I can chip in for gas from Santa Barbara (for the 17th). I'll try and make it down this Sunday and let you know.