Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Preseason Minutiae

I admit, there have been times when I have lamented the fact that my small frame is lost in a regular jersey and that attempting to wear one not originally intended for a child who's about to hit their teen aged years results in my best impression of a little kid in Dad's shirt. That does not mean, however, that I desire to have a pale blue (or pink) and gray jersey encrusted with glitter. In fact, I am quite certain I'd feel uncomfortable wearing this or this.

It's just not for me.

I might be tempted to try a lady's jersey, (a jersey that differs from the regular ones in cut only), if not for the fact that Mina would beat me senseless for it. She carries a large bag ladies and gentlemen, and getting hit with it would hurt. That is as much of a deterrent as I need to stick to my kids L-XL jerseys and stay out of the sports world's version of ladies wear.

I don't feel that feminine cuts minimize the seriousness of the female fan when she wears one. It's a choice, much like choosing to wear t-shirts or sweat shirts with their team's name or logo on it instead of a jersey. True, puck bunnies, and the versions of them that exist in other sports, popularize the image of the attractive, young female fan wearing a feminine jersey tied up to expose her tanned, flat stomach to the masses, but that doesn't mean every women who wears a pink or more fashionably cut jersey is a puck bunny. Some people just like different things. While I'd prefer the pink jerseys didn't exists at all, that stems more from the fact that I dislike the idea of offering women clothing options in largely stereotypical colors and the fact that they're ugly.

I'd like the makers of sports related clothing to get that memo and stop making every shirt available in my size a glittery, rhinestone encrusted mess. I'd love it if my Clowe shirt were something other than a men's medium, but my options were that or a pale pink tiny tee. I stand by my over sized decision.

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Joe said...

Hockey jerseys are a little heavy for doing them as easily as say football, but man, I am definitely a fan of the fitted jersey.

I don't think I could take a girl seriously if she were wearing a pink Wings jersey. But a fitted jersey? And it fits her quite well? Oh yeaaaaah.