Tuesday, October 21, 2008

News Roundup

Man, auto save=epic fail this morning. I had a nice post all ready to go, went to hit publish, everything froze and when it came back, my post had reset itself to half an hour before. Thanks interwebs.

*As we've all heard, Lukas Kaspar was placed on waivers yesterday. He should have safely cleared by now and will be shipping out to Worcester. While it is a somewhat puzzling move, given how few games Kaspar has played, and considering that he won himself a spot out of training camp, I'm willing to buy DW's explanation.

*Kyle McLaren, one of my favorite players, is still down in the AHL. He's been all class about the situation and I hope he'll be rewarded with a new NHL team soon. I expect teams to come calling once they start feeling the injury pinch, but like a lot of fans, I'd like to see him move back up sooner.

*I was hoping Mina would post this, but one of our fantastic readers alerted us to the demise of Goc blog last week. We're understandably distraught to lose the awesomeness that was Goc blog, but his replacement has Mina squeeing with joy. Torrey Mitchell has taken over the blogging duties this year. He's only done one post so far, but we can rest assured that we'll be receiving yet another season full of funny stories from the front, even if most of them revolve around Setoguchi ruining Mitchell's shoes.

*Great Sharks support at Campbell's Oktoberfest this weekend. Aside from the one Brodeur shirt I saw it was a sea of teal and beer. I'm consistently amazed by the support the Sharks receive from the community. I think folks outside the San Jose area would be surprised by the amount of support the Sharks receive. While it's not always as visibly prevalent in other parts of the Bay Area, I have seen my fair share of Sharks stickers, shirts and hats in the East Bay, and up along the Peninsula as well. The Bay Area has always been loyal to it sports teams, even if we can't always agree on which ones to follow. There's no exception when it comes to the Sharks.

---------Mid Day News Update-------

*Kaspar did indeed clear waivers and will be enjoying the east coast's crisp fall weather. Setoguchi got sent back and forth last year and eventually managed to solidify his spot on the team. I expect Staubitz and Kaspar to go up and down several times until management and the coaching staff has what they feel is the best mix possible. (to keep with the team's current ingredient theme.)

*Former Shark Patrick Rissmiller was put on waivers by the Rangers. Didn't they sign him to a 1 year deal this summer?

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