Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hockey: Keeping the Tooth Fairy in Business

Has Joe Thornton lost more teeth lately? I remember when we were at Teal and White there was an auidble gasp when he smiled. A ton of his teeth were gone. We all know hockey players lose teeth like the stock market loses money, but it seemed like half of his had fallen out over the summer. He even sounds different now.

Is he just not wearing his fake teeth during games anymore or did I really take this long to notice that he's missing a bunch of his upper front teeth?


The Robber Baron said...

Yea, I noticed the same thing when I was watching the post game interviews. I wonder just how he lost them.

Another thing I noticed during the post game interview, when Joe was asked about Marleau's play and he just kept repeating about how he's "playing with confidence" and after the 3rd time he said it he just started smiling and kind of laughed. I think he realized just how lame he sounded repeating the same soundbite. I used to think hockey players said such generic stuff because they didn't know how to handle the media. Now I think they say it just because they are trained to and don't want to give away 'secrets'. Although I'm not sure what they'd be hiding. Perhaps they've begun drinking Powerthirst

Gray said...

I'm still not sure if they give canned responses because they want to keep locker room politics out of the press or if it's because a lot of players seem to be uncomfortable fielding press questions on their own.

I'm glad I'm not the only one puzzled by Joe's sudden lack of teeth.

Charley said...

Dental implants would look good on him. Though, he might want to wait for that one until he stops playing.

Charley Burright