Thursday, October 9, 2008

Pre-Season Game Review: Sharks vs. Canucks (in photo form...with commentary!)

Warning: There are a lot of pictures here. If you're on Dial-up (and God have pity on you if you are), this will make your connection cry.

Sharks Starting Line

Mina: Yay hockey!
Gray: Yay hockey!
Mina: You know, Rob Blake still looks old from up here.

Canucks Starting Line

Gray: Wow, the Canucks look shiny.
Mina: At least it's not the Sedins. God I hate the Sedins.

Brian Boucher

Mina: Yay! Bobby Boucher!
Gray: You do know his name is Brian. He's been on the team for a while. You should have learned his name by now.
Mina: I know that, but every time I see him, all I can think of is the Waterboy. *snicker*

First Fight

Mina: Ryane Clowe! God I missed him.
Gray: It's good to see he's in fighting form.


Gray: Why are you taking pictures of a faceoff?
Mina: Maybe something cool will happen. Like a Marcel Goc spin-o-rama for a goal.
Gray: Riiiiight.
Mina: Hey, it could happen.


Gray: It's nice to see that a complete overhaul of our defense has lead to opponents still standing alone in front of our goalie.
Mina: And if by nice, you mean why-the-hell-did-we-need-to-get-rid-of-Craig-Rivet-for-this, then yes.


Mina: Holy crap! Plihal!
Gray: Holy crap! Shot on goal!

Better defense

Mina: Hey! Look at that! A defender!
Gray: Amazing! Look what $5 mil can buy us.

Close chance

Mina: I'm not sure I can last a whole season if one shot in a pre-season game is causing me panic.
Gray: I'm not sure I'll be able to keep from hitting you every time you freak out.


Mina: God bless Bobby Boucher.
Gray: *sigh*

Not Graham Mink

Mina: Hi Not Graham Mink!
Gray: I'm sure he'd like you to learn his name.
Mina: He's a long shot to make the team. If he makes the roster, I'll try to learn his name. But no promises.


Mina: This is the Sharks/Canucks game I came to see.
Gray: I can't believe they don't like each other enough to fight like this in a pre-season game. But I enjoy seeing them defending their teammates.


Mina: Hey! Luon-God! Can't you let in just one goal? Pretty please.
Gray: I'm pretty sure he has incentive to not do that.
Mina: There's no harm in asking.
Gray: Other than looking like an idiot.

Staubitz v. Rypien 2

Mina: Who are these guys?
Gray: I have no idea. But they seem to dislike each other.

Staubitz v. Rypien 4

Mina: Way to go guy I don't know!
Gray: We might win a fight!

Staubitz v. Rypien 5

Gray: Oh no wait, he's up.
Mina: But the good news is that this is an entertaining fight.

Staubitz v. Rypien 6

Mina: Oh! Nice cross!
Gray: These guys are putting on a hell of a show.

Staubitz v. Rypien 7

Mina: Looks to me like the beginning of the end for Staubitz.
Gray: Pretty much.

Staubitz v. Rypien 9

Mina: Down goes Staubitz!
Gray: Still all in all, it was a hell of a fight. Hope the Sharks can get something going after this. The poor kid gave quite an effort.


Gray: While this is not as fight filled as last year's pre-season game, this has certainly been full of conflict.
Mina: I've never figured out when these teams grew to hate each other so much. But I like it!

Goalie Goal!

Gray: Don't we get 3 points if the goalie goes into their own goal?
Mina: Only in your hockey universe.

In front of the net

Mina: I think I'm hallucinating. Is there a Shark player in front of the net?
Gray: You're not crazy. There is a Shark there. What is bizarre is that it's not Ryane Clowe.

In front of the net 2

Gray: Wonders never cease. Goc is still in front of the net.
Mina: If these Sharks are still playing in April, I'll be very happy.

Crashing the net

Mina: Holy hell! They're all crashing the net. What manner of insanity is this?
Gray: I have no idea, but God bless the cephalopod.

In front of the net 3

Mina: Ryane Clowe is back home. I feel better.
Gray: You never realize how much you'd miss him till he's gone.

In front of the net 4

Mina: This is nuts! There is a different Shark in front of the net.
Gray: We should stop acting so shocked. The new people around us might think we are weird.

Holy crap goal!

Mina: Ohmigod! A goal!
Gray: Finally! This does not bode well for the season.
Mina: Indeed it does not. But goddamn did I miss hockey.
Gray: I can't wait for the season to start. And to see these pictures on the blog.
Mina: Yea.....about that.....

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