Sunday, October 12, 2008

Weak Sauce. Sharks Win 1-0

The Sharks looked weak out there against the Kings tonight, but still managed to pull off the win. The game was a bit of a snoozer at times, though both LaBarbera and Boucher were pretty solid in their respective nets.

I expected having two disallowed goals would energize the Kings in some way or at least motivate them to take their frustration out on the Sharks, but that never happened. The only victim of their frustration was the panel of glass Kopitar shattered with his stick.

I also expected that having two goals scored on them, even if they were disallowed, would energize the Sharks. No such luck. They were fairly listless and sloppy until the last 4 minutes of the game. Don't get me wrong, I'm quite happy they've taken 3 out of 3 so far, but they have some work to do before the next game.

The high point came when Lukas Kaspar scored the only goal of the game, his first in the NHL. Congrats, Lukas!

I think Coach McLellan will have a lot to talk about on the plane ride home. I look forward to a much improved squad for Tuesday's game against Columbus.


Mina said...

I will post my own comments with my shitty pictures (security made me check my longer lens) sometime this week. I got booed some, heard a Kings fan threaten to turn a Sharks fan into sushi, and managed to make it out of the arena in one piece. All in all and interesting and enjoyable experience.

Too bad my friend will never go back to a hockey game with me again since it was such a shitty and boring game.

Gray said...

Much like how, after this:
109886 (man, that's a long url) you won't go see Rocco DeLuca with me.

Both of you are making terrible decisions.