Saturday, October 11, 2008

Poke Check City: Sharks Beat Kings 3-1

Lots of sites do a technical, in depth post game recap. I'm pretty beat tonight, so I'm posting a short, lighthearted one instead.

The post title refers to what the game was at times: Poke Check City. The Kings kept poking the puck away and running off with it like my cat does when he gets a hold of something he shouldn't. It was nowhere near as cute and about as annoying. And, much like my cat, the Kings didn't get too far with the puck once the got it. While they didn't drop it in the hallway and run off to hide under the bed, they did manage to lose control of it quite a bit.

LaBarbera was annoyingly good at his job.

Plihal's short handed goal was a thing of beauty.

Tonight saw the birth of the Ehrhoff spin-o-rama. This new improved Ehrhoff is a welcome change, though it still freaks me out just a little.

McLellan's new system seems to be settling into place for the Sharks. The Sharks are finally getting pucks to the net and I'm still flabbergasted by this fact. Players moving around and getting in front of the net? Madness! I hope it continues.

Randy & Drew:

I missed these guys over the long summer months. If they aren't the best commentators in the league, they certainly have the most fun.

Randy Hahn had the line of the night when he said "Kopitar might be the richest man in Slovenia. We'll have to have somebody investigate that." His line about Kopitar's 47 million dollar deal being worth about 20 mil if he puts his money in a bank was also pretty good.

Mina will be at tomorrow's game in LA. Look for her thoughts on that experience (hopefully complete with pictures) later in the week.

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Mina said...

So long as I make it out of Staples Center without getting beat up. Or scaring the hell out of my ride.