Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sharks V Habs

whoo, 30 baby!

Today @ 4pm Radio, TV, no interwebs (can Game Center show all games please? I'd so pay for it. The local blackout bit is a huge turn off)

Anyone remember how crazy this game was last year? Sharks win 6-4 in a goals everywhere, faced paced spin-o-rama mad house of a game. It was a sight to see.

What can we expect tonight? I have no idea. First the Habs have darn near unbeatable power play, and then they don't. But they did acquire Scheinder, who's apparently a PP master. That Sharks were at once darn near unbeatable anywhere, but they've been just getting by lately. Special teams have saved them, what happened to their 5 on 5 play? A season's worth of wear and tear, I think. Can't run at full speed forever. Sure, there's no Campbell to spin-o-rama for us this time, but we have Boyle, and Lukowich, and Blake. I'm happy with that trade off.

Hey, is this a HNIC game? I'm sure Cherry will have something to say about darn near everyone. He usually does.

This just in from WTC, Boosh is in. Nabby gotthe flu. Seriously guys, why don't you get flu shots? (yeah, I know, they don't always work)

One of the paintings I did for the My Sharks History stories over at FTF is for sale. Shipping's a tad steep, but I charge pretty darn near what it costs me. I do custom work, so if you want a painting of my shark characters for your wall, drop me a conversation on Etsy.

Post Game Recap:

Ok, not the outcome we were looking for BUT it was a well played game for most of it (ignoring that second half of the first that was poor). Good game, good effort, good show. Very entertaining. The sharks had a bazillion chances but Halak was a beast and wouldn't let them in. The post and crossbar also made some saves for him. I think the goalie forcefield was in effect. Crazy how some of those things stayed out. Crazy.

The Habs scored all three of their goals in the first, during a period of what could be politely referred to as a defensive breakdown for the Sharks. Yes, Boosh was out of position on some of the goals, but his D wasn't doing him any favors. He had to try and play it the best he could.

The Sharks scored both their goals less than a minute apart in the second. First was on the power play by Joe Pa and the second was at even strength by Joe Thornton. Lots of shots (48), but again, Halak had the force field up.

Your three stars: (3) Markov, (2) Marleau, (1) Halak


Sarah said...

Your Hab needs more eyebrows. =P

Gray said...

I had considered giving him bushy ones this morning, with you in mind. ;)