Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sharks v Hurricanes

I didn't believe Mina when she told me their mascot was a pig. But hey, why not?

Tonight @ 7:30pm. Radio, TV, Tank, Interwebs

It's hard to preview teams the Sharks haven't faced since 2005. You read that right, 2005. Ridiculous!

Carolina isn't having a banner year, and it coming to town down their Captain and fresh off a loss to the Canucks. They are also one of the worst teams in the league when it comes to PP and PK, placing 26 and 23 respectfully.

The Sharks are coming in after what basically amounts to a Spring Break in the schedule, and a loss to the Blackhawks. It's also Black Armor night. And, according to our friend Mr. Plank at FTF, Dan Boyle is (hopefully) back. Huzzah huzzah! You don't realize how much he does on the ice until he's missing.

All of that is a way to say, no idea what will happen, but I hope it works out well for the Sharks because we'll be at the game.

Post Game:

Things we are not intimated by: Your husband. When we ask you nicely to lean back, don't whine to him, lean back. We're more than happy to have an usher resolve that situation if you want to go that route.

Also, please random Carolina fan, don't start yelling at people who haven't said anything to you. I realize you're a) drunk, b) kind of a poo or, c) a drunk poo, but let's be reasonable here. Besides, I think the guy at the end of our row could have taken you.

Our section is kind of lame this season.

Onto the game.

It started well, but then it went downhill and we spent most of the third wondering where the hustle went. Maybe the nubs in front of us stole it. Or, perhaps it's stuck in the same weird time warp the Lost island is. Out of phase with reality and flitting about through time in a bright and noisy flash of light. If it gets a nose bleed, we're screwed.

Carolina was shot black city.

The Sharks were turnover city.

There were times when the crowd liked Kerry Fraser. There were other times when they did not.

That's the first game I have ever been to where the crowd got a play reviewed. That was kind of awesome.

Carolina was always in the way and to their credit, they stayed on the Sharks and never gave up.

The Sharks? Well...they kind of gave up sometime in the second.

Anyone see what happened to Douglas Murray. We didn't see him on the bench late in the third and hadn't seen him on the ice in awhile.

Leighton was crazy good. No star?

Semenov got a goal!

Speaking of goals, that penalty shot was a killer.

Michalek was involved in all 3 goals scored by the Sharks and was the only Shark to score during the shoot out. He did really try to win the game by himself. Good hustle, Milan! We appreciate it.

The ice was weird. People were falling left and right all game.

The Geico gecko? Really?

Carolina would not let the Sharks set up in their zone. The Sharks also had a hard time clearing their zone. Never good times.

Mina jinxed the game. You can blame the loss on her.

Goals: Clowe, Semenov, Vlasic (PP)

For Carolina: Cullen on the Penalty Shot, Samsonov, Whitney

Stars: (3) Cullen, (2) Michalek, (1) Babchuk (who?)

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