Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sharks V Pens

Today @ 4:30 pm Radio, TV, Interwebs

After yesterday's epic, I'm not even sure where to begin.

We're all looking for Boosh to be in the net tonight for the Sharks. That guy needs a start like nobody's business.

The Pens haven't been doing as well lately, but they are still last season's Eastern Conference champs and they are still dangerous. They have some good weapons on their team. Malkin is insanely good. Crosby is too, MAF is solid in net.

We were at the game when the Pens hit the Tank earlier this year and it was a great game. Playoff atmosphere really early in the season, lots of Pens fans in attendance. I expect it to be equally as energized tonight.

Post Game Recap:

Apparently, the Sharks didn't know where to start either.

Word of the game: Lackadaisical

The Sharks played great in the first, but after that they fell asleep. As Drew Remenda said, they were extremely lackadaisical.

Alright, so I have had dinner and regained some mental fortitude. Let's tackle this beast, shall we?

So as I said above, the Sharks came out roaring. If the game stayed like the first all night, you knew what the outcome would be. The Pens were also firing on all cylinders, and it looked like we could all settle in to what was going to be a great game. Didn't work out like that.

The Pens first goal was a fluke, but those count just as much of solid goals. It went in off Blake (who had a pretty poor night all around, IMO) The goal didn't come until the second period when the Sharks came out looking terrible. Maybe the adrenaline from last night wore off, maybe they had some bad chowder, who knows. Whatever it was the wheels fell off in the second. It was a fairly unremarkable period, aside from the poor play of the Sharks. If I were a Pens fan, I'd have been giddy.

The third continued much the same way as the second, with the Sharks getting up just enough energy to tie thanks to a goal by Joe Pa. But that was about all they had in them. After some chances for both teams in the OT period, it went to the shoot out. Shoot outs have historically not been good for the Sharks in recent years and tonight was no different. It took to the Pen's third shooter, a flu ridden Sid, to get the goal, but he got it and thus ended the Sharks night with a loss.

The Pens deserved the win, they fought harder for it and wanted it more. It was hard to watch the Sharks shrink back into themselves, but that's life as a sports fan.

We'll be back for the next one on Friday.

Just a quick thanks to everyone who sent their regards and well wishes to Mina this week. I know she appreciated the good thoughts. She's still sick, but she was released this afternoon. She'll be recovering at home for the next few days.

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