Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sharks V Sens

This afternoon @ 4:30 TV, Radio, no more interwebs :(

Good morning Sharkies!

I'm not one to stay down long. There are 82 games in a season and frak it, we tied the series with Detroit. That works for me.

With luck, the Sharks will come out firing on all cylinders tonight. Put last night behind you, lots of people lose at the Joe. Whatever That game doesn't matter because your facing a new team in a new town tonight. Time to show the league that you can rebound from a bad game with a great one. Time to move on to the next big thing...

Which is apparently Ottawa. The Sharks face off with the Sens today in a game I will likely miss due to RL obligations. Hopefully Mina will be able to handle a recap for you all. We were at the Sharks v Sens game at the Tank last year. It started out sketchy but turned awesome. I also felt much better leaving a game knowing a Sens fan I knew wasn't leaving happy. He was never really nice to me, so I was fine with the Sharks sticking it to his team. Justice, served on ice.

Man, that's bitter isn't it? Welcome to the wide world of sports.

Go Sharks!

Post Game Recap:

So I had to abandon the TV version of the game mid second period, but was able to catch most of the third via radio. I was helping cook a feast ofepic proportions.

Gaze upon it and drool.

Not pictured is the massive amount of white rice and the small salad that accompanied the meal. That would be homemade miso soup and some fantastic taro cooked in ginger and soy sauce on the back burners. Veggie and turkey stir fry up front, with some tasty flavored soy stuff and the mapo/mabo tofu next to it. It was delicious. Will miss part of a game for food? As long as I have a radio.

Anyway, there seemed to be a bit of disparity between the radio and the tv. Randy and Drew seemed to think that the Sharks were paying alright, but Dan Rusanowsky and Jamie Baker were not as pleased with their performance. They fell the Sharks were flat, and I sort of agreed. But they did put out a better effort than they had against Detroit and in the last half of the third, they started to kick into gear. It probably helped that they were up by a goal at that point.

All goals in the game were scored on the PP. The game seemed close but that was really more a matter of the Sharks not putting forth a full and solid effort, while the Sens were really throwing all they had at the Sharks. Aside from wanting the Sharks to win to make up, so the speak, for the game last night, we also wanted them to win so Mina's ex would lose. Dating someone who likes a different team can be good and bad, ladies and gentlemen.

While Jamie Baker and Dan Rusanowsky were glad they didn't have to pick the 3 stars (no one stood out to them) somebody did managed to pick three guys and they are as follows (3) Boosh, (2) Phillips, (1) Jumbo

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