Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sharks V Red Wings, Round 4

This afternoon @ 4:30 Radio, TV, Interwebs

*ding ding*

Maybe no one messes with Joe Biden*

but this season's sharks can surely mess with the Wings in "The Joe", right?

Ok, so last time the Sharks went to the Joe, it wasn't good. No need to dwell on that. Think of the other two games the Sharks have played against the Wings this season. Those were amazing, right? Amazing and uplifting and enough to make you feel good for a week. Focus on that. That is what's coming to the Joe tonight.

Conkblock will be in effect tonight. Nabby to represent the Sharks in net.

Oh and that matter involving a certain Mr. Lemieux? We'll let him cover that.

*Warning. Joke only funny if you watched Pres. Obama's speech last night. And even then, maybe not so much. It was worth a try, right? Bizarre moments of levity in otherwise long speeches for the awesome.

Post Game recap:

All I really got to see the was the first, and a bit of the second which I covered via twitter. After that I had a guest and missed most of the rest of the game. Probably not a bad thing. Anyway, I don't feel right recapping a game I wasn't fully dedicated to, so I shall leave you with this.

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