Monday, February 23, 2009

Shark V Stars

Today @ 5pm, Radio, VERSUS, probably intertubes

No more risk of going nova here, these stars are back on the main sequence and happily fusing hydrogen into helium once more. (at temperatures of millions of degrees) Little did we know Turco was the secret to fusion.

Photo credit: Dan Deitch


The Sharks are 6 for their last 7 in Dallas, while the Stars have been much improved during their most recent home stand despite a recent loss to Chicago.

The Stars make all Sharks fans nervous, thanks to a long and sometimes painful history between these two teams. The Stars are also down several key players thanks to always annoying injury bug. The Sharks meanwhile were fortunate enough to regain several injured players. The Sharks site says Lukowich may also return to action tonight. W00t!

Be sure to tune in tonight and help cheer him on if he returns.

For those of you who like numbers, magic numbers, General Disarray has some for you on his blog. Do check them out.

Post Game Recap:


I understand. There are 82 games and not all can be edge of your seat exciting, but seriously, this game was slow. The first two periods were pretty much the same. Slow, slow, slow, slow, slow, occasional spectacular Nabby save, occasional Turco spectacular save, slow slow slow slow. We apparently love us some neutral zone. Sustained pressure was hard to find in a zone other than ours. It was really kind of sad. Finally Seto scored the one and only goal of the game in the third, to give the Sharks the eventual 1-0 win. The last few seconds nearly saw the Stars tie, but by some great miracle, Blake blocked a shot and kept the Sharks ahead in the waning seconds.

This game was all Nabby. He kept the Sharks in it and when they scored he kept the Sharks up.

Sharks are the first team to cross the 90 point threshold.

Your three stars (3) Seto, (2) Sutherby (1) Nabby

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