Sunday, February 22, 2009

Class Warfare At Its Silliest

What follows in an abridged version of a conversation I had yesterday with a relative of mine. Said relative also happens to be a Wings fan. They don't follow the team at all, but they still claim them as their own because they grew up in Detroit. Fair enough.

For ease of typing they will be R and I will be G.

R: I tried to get tickets to those home games against the Wings and they were so expensive! You must be doing really well if you can afford those seats!

G: What are you talking about? Did you look upstairs?

R: In the nosebleeds?!

G: Yeah! They have tickets for 20 bucks up at the top and the view is great! You can see everything. I sit up there all the time.

R: But, those are the nosebleeds. The cheap seats! Why would anyone want to sit UP THERE?

For a little additional background, this particular relative is a keeping up with the Jones' type. Everything has to give off the appearance of money, regardless of whether or not they actually have that kind of income. For them, sitting upstairs is a sign of financial weakness. Could you imagine telling your friends you sat up there? Gah! Embarrassing!

For me, having a seat is the biggest thing. I'd prefer upstairs because it fits in to my budget. If I could afford to sit anywhere, I don't think I'd care. I just want to see the game. I'll take a seat where I can get it.

Where do you sit on the seat issue? Are you one of the upper bowl is better than lower bowl, folks? Is the lower bowl better? It does have fancier food. Or are seats, regardless of where they are, the most important thing for you when it comes to a game you really want to see live?


The Robber Baron said...

Well I've only been to 1 game since I am the essence of the broke college student (no car, no cell phone, works in a fast food place). I was in the nosebleeds in Phoenix and it was a great view. Although this coming march I'm going to see the Sharks vs Ducks in Anaheim and I spent my b-day money to buy lower bowl seats for my girlfriend and I. I guess after I experience that I can better tell if where the seat is matters. I'm pretty excited to just be able to go to the game. GO SHARKS!

Sarah said...

For what it's worth, I like the upstairs seats. You can see the whole ice from up there. I've sat really close before (once right behind the penalty box), and honestly, the closer the seats the worse the view. Sure, it is cool to see a face smashed up against the glass, but unless the action is right in front of you, it's hard to follow (except the seats behind the goal).

That's my story and I'm sticking to it! =)

GeneralDisarray said...

Great Q. The upper bowl gives you a better view of the whole ice and (I think) louder and more hardcore fans. But nothing captures the speed of the game like the lower bowl.

For my money, put me in the cheap sets with the loud fans

Gray said...

Looks like we're all upper bowlers by choice or by economic design. If I could afford to sit downstairs, I'd try it, but upstairs works just fine for me.

Will R. said...

Agreed, upstairs works just fine. It's nice to sit in lower bowl every once in awhile though. It makes it easy to appreciate the speed and skill of the game.

I've sat in the lower bowl 3 times, and only for special occasions: The first we got lucky and found cheap tickets to a Wings game the day of - couldn't pass that up. The second I treated my best friend on his birthday to his first game (the last second Turco blunder Dallas game - Tuurrrrcooo, Tuuuuurrrrcooooo). The third happens next month when I visit my dad in North Carolina and take him to his first game (Caps at Canes).

Anyone have any stories or insights as to the season tickets process? I've heard they let you in by groups and you run to find seats? What's that like?

Gray said...

Not sure. I only have a 10 game pack and that's assigned at random, as far as I can tell.