Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sharks V Devils

I know, not too creative. I was going to give him horns or something but I decided not to

Today @ NOON. Radio, TV, Interwebs. Noon. Seriously?

It is a blustery, stormy day here in the South Bay. We lost power multiple times throughout the night. Snow (YES SNOW) covers the mountains around us. I'm pretty sure my neighborhood is down a tree or four. I am forced to wonder if this is some sort of large weather driven metaphor for how the game will go against the Devils today.

Even without Brodeur, these guys have been good. They're second best in the east, fourth overall and not to be taken for granted. Considering how the Sharks got manhandled by a very aggressive Buffalo team, this could get downright messy. Much like the streets surrounding my humble abode.

Post Game Recap:

Best way to describe this game:

The weather was a bit of a foreshadowing for this game. A night of wind and rain battering power lines and homes was a metaphor for the penalties and goal downpours that occurred in this game. You knew from the start this was going to be a tough one. The Devils scored 30 seconds into the game. Immediately, your heart dropped. Blake tied it 4 and 1/2 minutes in, and from there it was a back and forth battle.

The second was more controlled than the first, but the Sharks managed to score two and take the lead into the dressing room. At this point you were cautiously hopeful.

The third started and things started to fall apart. I think the Sharks spent half the period in the sin bin. Joe Thornton was in there a bunch. I guess he was tired and needed to sit down, who knows. The Devils capitalized on the Sharks lack of control and scored two goal. Suddenly it's 4-5 Devils up by 1. Then Joe Pa gets a big shorthanded goal to tie it back up at 5-5. It was a thing of beauty. But that feeling of "we can do this" wouldn't last. What looked like a game that was dead set on going to OT (and knowing out luck recently, the shoot out) suddenly went to 6-5 when the Devils went 5-hole on Nabby. Crushing. There was hope, true, but time was ticking down. Things didn't look good.

The Sharks pulled Nabby for an extra guy. It nearly worked. Blake finally got stuff set up and sent one to the net. Just missed. And that was it. You knew it was over then. Sharks lose 6-5 in regulation.

Sad times.

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The Robber Baron said...

Love the drawing, looks just like a photo. Good job on adding the cursed mask touch.