Friday, February 6, 2009

The 1st Ever Bringer of Doom Awards

With my sincere apologies to Mr. Randy Hahn, who I do enjoy listening to every televised game.

A little background before I give out the first ever Couch Tarts Randy Hahn Bringer of Doom Award. Anyone who watches the Sharks on a regular basis is familiar with all the stats and fact that Randy Hahn throws around. Have the Sharks owned a certain team on home ice for x number of years? He'll tell you about it. Could some odd record that would not go in favor of the Sharks were it to be broke be broken tonight? He'll tell you about that too. Has said team NEVER beaten the Sharks ever? He'll mention it.

In past years, this has been a subject of mild discontent for Mina and I, as there were many times when these facts would be mentioned by Hahn, only to have what has never happened before happen, resulting in a Sharks loss. While there has been far less of that this season, we still refer to Mr. Hahn as "Randy Hahn, Bringer of Doom." Despite the brimstone filled overtones, it's a nickname we give out of love. Even if his excitement for the Sharks often spells their doom, we still think Mr. Hahn is one of the best in the biz.

So today, the day after we witnessed the Sharks lose to a good looking Carolina Hurricanes team, I am awarding the first ever of these auspicious trophies to Mina. Last night Mina turned to me in the second, shortly after Alexei Semenov's goal and said the following, "I may be jinxing the game but, if the Sharks win, Semenov will have the game winning goal!" I did try to stop her, but she said it anyway and in doing so, doomed the Sharks in a loss in the shoot out.

So congratulations Mina on being the first ever recipient of this award. The press is waiting to address you in the green room.

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Randy Hahn said...

This is really funny.

Randy Hahn