Friday, February 13, 2009

Sharks V Sabres

This east coast game brought to you at 4:30pm by Radio, TV and teh interwebs

In the interest of full disclosure, I don't know much about the Sabres. I know they're the team that got Craig Rivet (CFR!), whom we miss, and made him their captain. I also know that they were the team Steve Bernier went to for Campbell, and they kept him for all of five minutes before sending him off to the Canucks. I watched them face the Pens on a snowy New Years Day for the inaugural Winter Classic. The Sharks last faced the Sabres in 2007, (in a game we'd like to forget), and we don't often see them on the west coast, so it's hard to get to know them.

Obviously something's been up with the Sharks lately. Maybe they have the flu, or maybe it was the bad chowder I suggested last time. I really don't know. What I do know is that they need to points to stay ahead of the ever looming presence of Detroit. That hot breath on your back? That's the Red Wings. (unless you're in a House of Leaves. In which case it's something far, far worse)

Hopefully for those in the Buffalo area this game will provide a welcome distraction from the tragedy of yesterday. Here's to a good game tonight.

Clowe and Boyle are likely out with the flu. We'll be seeing some of our friends from woostah get some more minutes tonight according to Mr. Pollack.

Update: They both decided to skate today, after resting all day. We'll see how that goes.

Post First Period:

Why is this a house of leaves?

This period was scarier than a Minotaur following you down a five minute hallway.

Buffalo scored 3 times, twice on the PP. That is some serious pwnage right there.

Icing called on Nabby? This is because it's Friday the thirteenth and we entered bizarro world right? Bizarro will not save you.

Sharks finally get a goal at 18:17 into the period on the PP, but the Sharks go into the locker room down 3-1. I hope some theraflu is waiting for them in there because it looks like they need it.

Post Game:

That game wore me out. The third and OT were nuts. I have no idea what we just witnessed other than it was insane.

I'm not sure I can recap this game in a way that would do it justice. Dan Boyle's goal was amazing, Joe Pa's was as well. Patty had two goals. Seto gave us the lead in the third. I have no idea how it happened, but the Sharks broke out of bizarro world just long enough to make the game 5-4 Sharks between the second and third. It was the most amazing comeback, until they lost it with 3 seconds left to a goal by Pominville. 5-5. Tie game.

There were chances of both sides in OT, but nothing found it's way behind either net minder and to the shoot out we went. Shootouts are so stressful and it didn't help that we all got the sense that "all this had happened before, and all this would happen again." Just like the SO against the Pens, it went down to the wire. Patty did manage a goal, but the Sabres got two at the end, and that was that. It had happened before and it just happened again. We deflated while Buffalo went nuts.

At least we got a good ride and a point out of it.

I'm starting to think the east is full of Cylons...

So say we all.

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