Monday, April 6, 2009

Happy Baseball Christmas!

(Unless you're a Giants fan. You (and I) have to wait until tomorrow.)

Even though we don't talk about it very much, Gray and I spend our summer being equally passionate and depressed baseball fans. Despite being supportive of each others' team, we are on opposite sides of a cross-town (cross-bay?) rivalry. My dad raised me as a faithful Giants fan who bleeds orange and black. Slightly misguidedly, Gray grew up an A's fan like most of the kids in our town. We've always had an unspoken competition as to which team does better and this season I have forced Gray to put some kind of wager on our little bet. There are no terms yet, but there are two separate bets: which team gets the most wins and which teams gets the most head-to-head wins. We're having a little trouble with coming up with what we should wager. A dinner? Tickets to a Sharks game? First born children? What do you think dear readers? What should we put on the line?

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