Thursday, April 16, 2009

Playoffs Day 1, Round 1: Sharks v Ducks

Tonight @ 7:30 PM. Radio, CSNBA, Tank, Dave and Busters, Stanley's

There are so many things that we could say to summarize this season, this series. To preview it, dissect it, turn it inside out before it even begins. But that's been done already. If you want that, you know where to find it.

All we have to say is: dkfhlfjadae0iprejlf;asd[as'fl;gf;gjk

Ok, Mina has more to say....kinda. In the absence of a super large series breakdown (other than what I just sent to James at Cycle like the Sedins (super late btw...sorry James)), we have scoured the internet for what they have to say about the series. You might think that having people predict the Sharks to move on into the next round is reassuring. You would think wrong....

  • The boys at Battle of California have been putting together some awesome work. This is truly the place to go for required reading about the series. Chances are if you read this, you read them, but in case you missed it check out this, this, this, this, and this. And of course, despite being on the outside, Rudy Kelly has his own take on the series.
  • The boys at Fear the Fin did pretty much the same thing I am in today's game day post. (Just because they did doesn't mean I won't. :P) Check in there for information and occasional witty comments from Gray and myself.
  • Puck Daddy breaks down the series with a special appearance from my Internet Hockey Boyfriend Steve Dangle.
  • Barry Melrose Rocks and JR have an awesome take on the series.
  • The always entertaining crew at Melt Your Face Off have a series preview complete with some rather, ahem, colorful language.
  • And as always, check out the awesome Mr. Pollak on Working the Corners. He does the hockey gods work.
Post Game Recap:

If you came here looking for chicken little, you're in the wrong place. As far as I can tell, the sky is still firmly anchored inside the celestial globe and while a few stars may fall to Earth from time to time, the rest of the universe has yet to come smashing down upon us.

The Hockey Gods, however, mock us. Mock us with plays that are ever so slightly off. Passes that are half an inch south of crisp. Crossbars and posts that eat goals, and a lack of 5v5 scoring. They mock us by taking away our one goal scoring weapon, the power play, and rendering it lame and useless. They mock us, but perhaps, it's just what we need. For perhaps, all our haughtiness has brought this upon us, much like gravity brought those two tripping calls upon Boyle and Cheechoo.

The level of play was there, the desire was there, but the chances were not. Such is life in professional sports. If you can't take that kind of heat, get out of the kitchen. This is a 7 game series, not one. First to four, not to two. Buckle up kids, it's only going to get rougher. And perhaps, if we're lucky, more awesome.

Go Sharks!

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