Sunday, April 26, 2009

Recapping An Epic Game 5. Part the Third

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Nothing can really accurately describe last night, save maybe a video camera. I have to leave a bunch of stuff out because I'm a) fairly certain Plank doesn't remember most of it and b) much of it was NSFW.

We all rolled in to TCY's high on victory (don't you love the smell of that in the evening?) and proceeded to celebrate with a few drinks and some rounds of foosball. Plank got pwned yet again. The games were epic in both skill and comedic value. At one point Plank decided the best way to combat being down a few goals was to speak in gibberish. Next time he decided to try out a British accent. Perkins and TCY were inadvertently hilarious. Workthecycle had mad skillz and helped a slightly handicapped TCY take the W home.

After this, and a few more celebratory libations in TCY's kitchen, it was decided that we should play Rock Band. Sadly, the disk was booched, so we instead settled for Plank and one of his friends putting on ACDC and rocking out. There was air guitar, there was air drums, there was rock band fake guitar to make the original air guitar more awesome, there was Plank busting out on the Rock Band drums, and then there was Plank dancing.

It was the type of dancing only too many beers and a Sharks playoff win can provoke. It was strange convulsion filled with spastic gyrations and rapid, unpredictable movements accompanied by singing. We all expressed the desire for a video camera, but alas, there were none to be found.

One of Planks friend's brought two ladies back from a bar with him. I never did get their names but they seemed incredibly uncomfortable in a strange house filled with strange Sharks fans. I could tell it wasn't their scene. One departed rather soon after arriving, but the other was forced to endure the drunken rantings of Plank and TCY and co before finally departing in haste with Corey. It's the first and ONLY time I have I ever seen a girl go and wash he hands after shaking someone else's. In her defense Plank shook her hand for about a minute and she was pretty put off by that. I don't think he realized he was doing it, honestly. Watching this all through sober eyes, it was very hard not to giggle at the absurdity or it all.

After most of Plank's friends rolled out, and Ang and Workthecycle had left for a train and a bar, the remaining members of the party settled into the kitchen/breakfast nook area for what turned out to be a very heated discussion, mostly between Plank and TCY, about the Sharks, the players, game 5, and the series in general. Plank wouldn't let TCY talk, which was frustrating him to no end, and the two kept flip flopping their arguments, unable to recall what stance they'd taken just moments before.

Speaking of unable to recall things, despite asking more times than I could count, I don't think Plank ever caught the score of the Blackhawks/Flames game. We told him, but he never did seem to remember.

There was much discussion about which players Plank had a man crush on and to what lengths he'd be willing to go to prove it. We tried to find out who was on his “anti list” so to speak, but we only got one name out of him before the conversation was once again thrown off course by his wandering mind. That player was Parros.

It was at this point that Plank said something that temporary threw everyone off, and then caused us all to burst out laughing. It's NSFW and he doesn't remember it, so I'm not repeating it here. Needless to say, it was classic.

We discovered the yearbook said Ehrhoff was born in 92, or something else equally incorrect, and spent much time pondering the ages and accomplishments of the players versus our own. This discussions were constantly interrupted by TCY and Plank arguing over some minute point. Their arguments were hilarious. None were entirely serious, just loud, drunken, and funny.
I learned to never play dominoes with TCY, ever. But watching him school everyone was quite fun. Watching Plank try to do math while 3 sheets to the wind was also fun.

At several points Plank drunk dialed K, who made the mistake of answering. He was given crap for skipping out on the party, and then the conversation dissolved into an argument between him and TCY, who hung up on K. Plank was very remorseful about this, and called K back. When he eventually reached him again, the conversation ended far more amicably.

The rest of the evening was Plank, TCY, and several other folks arguing about the Sharks some more. AfroPuff and I could only guess what it would have been like in this house after a loss.

She and I left around 2, but the party went till about 4, with Plank dominating TCY in what I hear was an epic round of NHL 09.

That is about the long and short of it. As I said before, I had to leave a lot of details out, but the party was truly epic and I would gladly hang out with folks again. Thanks for letting teh interwebs into your house, TCY. Hope we didn't destroy it too badly.


Ang said...

ha ha! It was truly a fun evening and a great win!!! Please let this win carry on for two more for the series win!!!

Next get together tho, I'll be sure to bring some adult drinks and none of that fake stuff. :)

Matt said...

Amazing. Gray, when I die, this is on my tombstone.

Jonathan said...

Fantastic! Love it! Yes, next time I will bring some beverages of the real kind so we aren't stuck drinking water *coughnattylightcough* after an epic win. Also, your write up kicks my write up's butt.

AfroPuff said...

Loved your recap!

Mr. Plank said...

Hopefully we'll have an opportunity to do this again sometime. Preferably in May/June of this year.

Gray said...

I'll drink to that!

Earl Sleek said...

Whoa, this sounds cool. Did TCY's couch survive?

Gray said...

Plank did not leave his personal rinse on it, from what I hear. That's only for Ducks fans.