Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Playoffs Day 14, Round 1

The Sharks may be out (post mortem later), but there are still games to be played and watched. You better believe Gray will be glued to the television for the duration of playoff hockey.

Today @ 4pm
Game 7. Epic

Today @ 4:30pm (dontcha hate conflicts?)
Game 7. Brodeur'd or Ward'd? Watch and find out!


Teams and matchups are all set for Round 2. A few surprises in there:

Ducks and Wings start Friday
Chicago will ace Vancouver

Hurricanes (Dude, did you see that last goal. WHAT) will face Boston
Pens will face the Caps

On a side note, apparently when VERSUS said they're carry both games, they meant they'd show the Caps/NYR game and then just talk about what was happening in the NJD/Canes game. And show little clips here and there.

Pollak has a good interview with JR up over at his blog.

Other than Pollak, FTF and BOC, I am staying away from the media. I'm done with the "choking" arguments and the arguments about "heart". Anyone using those arguments has no idea what they're talking about. Period.

Art will be ALL NEW for the second round. I'm still trying to figure out what to draw to wrap up the end of the Sharks season. I'll figure it out eventually.

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