Thursday, April 23, 2009

Playoffs Day 9, Round 1: Sharks v Ducks

Today @ 7:30pm
Also catch Jamie and Dan on the radio
Duckies lead 2-1

In some ways it feels like the fate of the universe is being decided tonight. In some ways it's just another game. Unless you have something invested in one of these two teams, you don't understand this series. You don't feel it with intensity. You don't get it.

This isn't 1 v 8, this is Sharks v Ducks. That's a world of difference.

This could be a sad night, or it could be a great night. Either way, enjoy it. A ride like this doesn't come around too often.

No more words. Just do it.

Post Game Recap:

JR's face said it all. Bad game. No idea why. It just was. Passes weren't connecting, no speed, everything felt slower than it should. Disconnected. Not like a playoff game at all. Much more like game 1. Game one felt like a regular season game. So did this.

I can't tell you why the Sharks seemed to shut down tonight, and I'm not going to guess. I don't buy into all those old excuses. Sometimes teams just have a sucky game. This was one was a stinker. But we can't and won't ever know what the guys are thinking, so I'm not going to assume what they do or don't want, what drive they do or don't have, I'm not going to invoke the old argument so Ron Wilson style hockey, playoff choking or any other nonsense. A series is what it is. Sometimes it's great and sometimes it's not. A good regular season does not necessarily a good post season make. Suck it up and deal.

If I was JR, you're damn right I'd be upset. But I'm not. So I choose to be quietly disappointed. Tomorrow's another day though, and I'm not going to let tonight ruin tomorrow.

A friend said it best when he said the following, "This is disappointing, but come on people. We're not Habs fans." Truer words may never have been spoken.

Bobby Ryan is a beast. A beast who apparently has it written in his contract that every time you mention his name you have to mention that he was drafted right after Sidney Crosby. That's going to be all I remember about him 50 years from now. That fact has been bored in my mind.

Turnover are bad, mmkay?

The 15 minute interlude with the broken glass was weird. Randy and Drew ran out of material after about 7 minutes. They kept going like the troopers they are. Classic, classic stuff.

Out of sheer curiosity, how noticeable was the earthquake that hit during intermission? For you non CAers, and 4.0 is nothing to write home about. I just wonder if the fan noticed.

Mark Smith looks very different with a) long hair and b) one color hair. He joined the crew for the pre and post game coverage. Hai Smitty!

The three stars: (3)Wisniewski (2) Hiller, (1) Bobby, "drafted 2nd behind Sidney Crosby" Ryan

Well folks, it's do or die on Saturday. Be there or be by your TVs. It should be a doozy...or not. But either way, it will be a game, and it may be the last.

It's not over until Nabby tells you it's over. Go Sharks.

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