Sunday, April 19, 2009

Playoffs Day 5, Round 1: Sharks v Ducks

Tonight @ 7pm
Earlier start than normal folks
CSN-HD, VERSUS, Radio (KFOX), Tank, Stanley's, probably the Brit too
Duckies are up by 1

Let's do this. Go Sharks!

Post Game Recap: Coming Monday! Why? Because I'm tired and want to sleep. Just a hint, if you're expect me to say the sky has fallen, you'll be waiting awhile.

What a beach day today! My AC is making strange noises so the beach might get my vote. Maybe it will get the Sharks vote too. Sharks like water, and that water will be cold.

Anyway, on to the game. It's still a bit hazy in my early morning mind but I liked what i saw last night. True, i didn't like the outcome, but I liked the game. It was a good game.

But they lost, Gray! Did you really watch?! OMGTEHSKIESIZFALLIN!

Get grip! The sky isn't falling. The Sharks may have been on the shorter end of the goals last night, but they went down early and came back. They didn't just roll over and die on the ice, they fought all game.

Yes they were having problems getting rebounds and staying in the Ducks' zone on the PP, but they were out hitting the Ducks and not letting them out "grit" them. These Sharks don't lack heart; what they lack is luck.

*PING* is a sound we're starting to hate. We're not the only fan base with that issue, let me tell you.

Now is no the time for the same tired old excuses and whining. Those things don't apply.

I'm sort of glad I don't have tickets to any more games at the Tank this series. I don't need to listen to the sounds of 17,496 people collectively panic. i got to watch last night's game with friends, and 75% of us were pretty upbeat and able to put the game in perspective. The other 25% tried, but she worries.

Hiller has been a beast. He's been the deciding factor in my mind. Without Hiller where would this series be? No clue!

First to FOUR, everyone. FIRST TO FOUR. Not one, not two, FOUR. Philly came back with a force yesterday in game 3. It's not like you're done by virtue of being two games down.

I'm looking forwards to Tuesday's bout. It was a good game last night and I'm thinking will see an even better on in the house of the Ducks!

Go Sharks!

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adragon said...

I also liked allot of what I saw last night. The one thing I did not like was the Sharks kept shooting the puck low on a goalie that go’s down early. Up until Cheech scored, (beautiful goal by the way) 90% of the shots were 5 hole or below Hiller's knees. The Sharks also need to do a better job of screening him as they would be blocking Hiller's vision and right as the shot came in they would move out of the way so he would clearly see the puck coming in. I will say that post in the last three minutes was brutal.