Sunday, March 29, 2009

Holy Hairpulling Batman!!

Things are getting rough in the middle of the pack in the Western Conference playoff race. Chicago and Vancouver, 1st round foes if the playoffs began today, played their final regular season match-up today and the results were pretty outstanding. (Why is it I've never thought of Vancouver as a rough team and yet they seem to get into huge scuffles with other teams?) Most of the 98 penalty minutes came in a close to full line fight that took place early in the 3rd period.

Dustin Byfuglien: 2 Minutes for Goaltender Interference Roberto Luongo
Ben Eager: 5 Minutes for Fighting Kevin Bieksa
Kevin Bieksa: 5 Minutes for Fighting Ben Eager
Shane O'Brien: 10 Minutes for Misconduct Brent Seabrook
Ben Eager: 10 Minutes for Misconduct Kevin Bieksa
Cam Barker: 10 Minutes for Misconduct Willie Mitchell
Henrik Sedin: 2 Minutes for Holding Duncan Keith
Duncan Keith: 10 Minutes for Misconduct Alexandre Burrows
Adam Burish: 2 Minutes for Roughing Daniel Sedin (Served by Martin Havlat)
Adam Burish: 10 Minutes for Misconduct Daniel Sedin
Adam Burish: 2 Minutes for Roughing Daniel Sedin (Served by Martin Havlat)
Kevin Bieksa: 10 Minutes for Misconduct Ben Eager
Adam Burish: 2 Minutes for Roughing Daniel Sedin (Served by Martin Havlat)

Puck Daddy
does a much better job summing up the fights than I can:
The first two players to dance were Chicago's Ben Eager and the Canucks' Kevin Bieksa, in a fight that featured more undressing than a burlesque show and one very stiff pop to the face by Eager that sent Bieksa to the ice. The linesmen would break it up, but not befire Bieksa left some blood on the Chicago ice after the fight.

Then, Blackhawks defenseman Duncan Keith and Vancouver's Alex Burrows had a skirmish which saw Keith apply a headlock and Burrows grab a lock of Keith's hair -- refusing to let go even as the two tumbled to the ice. So not only is Burrows one of the NHL's greatest pests, but he evidently learned how to fight by watching "Mean Girls."

Trust me when I say, I've seen hair-pulling girl fights and they are often worse than the boy fights because the girls never let go. I think most Sharks fans will agree that neither of those are teams that we want to face in the first round. If they end up facing each other, it looks to be a hell of a match-up.

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Sarah said...

The hair pulling was one of the most awesome things I've seen in ages.

I think the last time I really saw that was Shawn Antoski grabbing Mike Peluso's hair. THAT long ago...

Sidney Crosby's punch to Valabik's twig and berries... Alex Semin playing bongo drums on a Staal... and now Alex Burrows pulling Keith's hair... what has happened to the big bad tough guy fights? =P