Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sharks V Coyotes. Oh, Will the Worrying Every Stop? Edition

Tonight @ 7:30pm Radio and TV

Once again the Sharks face off against the Coyotes and once again Sharks fans are left wondering what to expect. The 'Yotes always seem to have the Sharks number. Maybe it's the fact that they're a divisional opponent and we see them a lot. Maybe it's the fact that the Sharks get cocky when the play the traditionally low ranking 'Yotes. If this game was being played in Glendale, I'd say it might be the dry desert air or the copious amounts of golf. Whatever it is, the Sharks need to find a way to immunize themselves against it. That's for sure.

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Post Game Recap:

If you just watched the first you probably figured the rest of the game was a snooze fest. I decided to do some work starting in the 2nd because of the 1st. Bad decision. The 2nd was rolling and it didn't stop.

Anyone get word on the linesman who was hit 9 seconds into the 1st? Is he alright? he skated off, but he was down for awhile. to the rescue. He's alright and came back part way through the first. That was a nasty shot he took to the back of the head. Good to hear he's alright.

Patty went out after 3 shifts in the second. No word on why or what was hurt. When asked, Coach McLellan answered the "upper or lower body" question with absolute silence. That's rather terrifying. He did say he thinks he's day-to-day for now, but who knows.

Wacky night for scoring. First Joe Pa rings on off the post. It was about half a millimeter away from in. Then Kurt Sauer decides 109 games was enough time between goals and gets one past Nabby. Everyone goes pout city. Then, miraculously, Jody Shelley, yes the Jody Shelley, gets one past Bryzgalov to tie the game.

Whoo, Cavanagh gets his first NHL goal! Go kid (even if you are 27. Still a rookie) Whoo! Sharks up 2-1.

That lasted until Lukowich accidentally put one in his own net trying to keep it out. It happens. Game tied 2-2.

Lots of questions about Patty midway through the second. He only played 3 shifts, then disappeared. No word then, little word now.

Joe Pa scored the game winner on a PP in the third. Dude has been on fire lately.

Moen and Winnick went in the second. Moen won, though it was kind of a weak fight.

Sharks set a franchise record for points tonight, with 109. woot!

Lots of talk about the President's Trophy. Not sure which aggravates McLellan more, injury questions or questions about beating Detroit.

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