Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sharks Announce Playoff Ticket Prices. My Wallet Cries

Holy eff. Can you believe the playoffs are nearly here? Where did the season go!?

For those of us who sit in the realm of commoners the R1 prices aren't too bad. I don't recall what the prices were last year (I have my ticket stubs, I could look but I'm not that motivated) but I don't think the price is substantially higher. A few bucks for sure, but not double digits. (correct me if I'm wrong) Some of these seats are cheaper than regular season tickets in the pricier arenas. I believe Mina told me nosebleeds seats for the Kings were $30. For four dollars more you can have a Sharks playoff ticket!

How does anyone afford a seat on the glass when the starting (R1) price is 228?! And people wonder why the upper bowl gets mad when the lower bowl gets the free jersey...

You can find the full list of prices and info here.

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