Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sharks V Ducks. The "Please Not Another Shoot Out" Edition

Tonight at 5pm (huh?) Radio, TV, Stanley's, Pond/Bandwagon Center

Last night's 7 round shoot out was epic, especially if, like us, you were there for it. You can't change channels at the Tank and you can't hide behind the couch until it's over. All you can do is watch with bated breath and hope Nabby is solid. He was. Talk about an emotional rollercoaster. The general consensus last night was shootouts are exciting and fun to watch UNLESS your team is in one. It's the best summary of the post tie era I've heard that hasn't devovled into an argument over which system is/was better.

As exciting/thrilling/scary/terrifying as it was to watch that shoot out last night, it wore me out. The idea of watching a shoot out like that again is exhausting in of itself. Let's hope the Sharks get their 2 points in regulation tonight.

The scoring drought continues, though play was much improved last night. The Sharks we saw in the first actually looked like the Sharks we're all pretty sure they are, though not quite the Sharks they could be. It didn't hold up, but even the other two periods were better than they've been in games past.

We really need to offense to step it up tonight against a rather desperate Ducks team. They sit in the 11th spot, and will be hungrier for those two points. The Sharks may need them more (assuming Detroit loses) so they can regain the lead in the West, (which would be a good idea, Sharks. Did you see if the playoffs started today we'd face the Stars? Just saying). A powerplay that's better than 0 for 8 would be a plus as well.

I'm not at all sure hoe Huskins and Moen will be recievecd. At least Huskins can't get booed during the game, as he's still our with an injury. Moen was traded, but that's never stopped anyone from booing before.

Let's show these Ducks who's boss, Sharks!

Post Game Recap:

More like a weecap tonight. Your ever reliable recapper is feeling a bit run down. So I'm just going to mention the three big things from tonight.

Moen got the one and only goal against his old team in the second. Solid.

Nabby got the shut out. Booyah.

Sharks clinched a playoff spot. Word.

On a fourth, smaller note, the Sharks are the second team to hit 100 this season. Both teams managed that feat today, with Detroit just one point ahead of the Sharks for the lead in the West and the overall lead. Boston is one point behind the Sharks overall with 99. The Sharks hit 100 in fewer games that Detroit, for those keeping score at home.

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