Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sharks V Stars, the Matinee Edition

Today at 1pm. Radio, TV, Tank

Is this really the last time we have to see the Stars in the regular season? Whoo to that.This day couldn't get here soon enough.

I'd really like to see the Sharks win a game in regulation. None of this overtime or shoot out nonsense. I mean, yes, I'll take the two point any way we can get them BUT, I'd really prefer that we get them in regulation. I guess I really can't be picky, but I can whine about it.

Dallas is 3 points back of the 8th spot. Expect them to come in and play with passion. Well, as much passion as the Stars can muster. My hope is the Sharks feel the urgency the Stars will be coming in with and respond well. They have some urgency of their own, namely trying to overtake Detroit in the standings. One game in hand fellas, you really really need to win it.

Games against the Stars are sometimes Nabby v Turco games, sometimes Sharks v Stars and sometimes Sharks v themselves. Which will we have today? The good, the bad, or the ugly? Tune in and find out.

Post Game Recap:

Whoo. A win. In regulation. And by more than 1 goal! Can you believe it?!

Aside from the first 10 or so minutes of the first when the Sharks were being outworked, they looked really good this game. Not quite playoff level, but much improved. Patty even got an empty netter at the very end. Anyone who'd been watching the Sharks this season knows those have been a problem for us.

The second line was hoping. It was great to see them playing so well. Joe and Patty chimed in with goals and Cheechoo came pretty close several times. He's starting to look like the old Cheech, the one we used to know. (and I know people find them annoying but I still love hearing the random Cheechoo train whistle at games. Maybe not right behind or next to me, but, a few sections over is fine by me) The Sharks also beat the Stars 5 times out of 6 this season for the first time ever. Guess we're all still a little miffed about last year's second round exit at the hands of the Stars because that feels good.

Not everything was good tonight though. Despite the elation over the win, there was sadness and concern about the injuries to Goc and Blake on the Sharks and Richards for the Stars. He broke his left hand, right after recovering from a broken right wrist. That's terrible. Goc got hurt on a nasty, but unintentional, knee to knee hit. Not sure when or how Blake got injured but he's day-to-day. We might be without Goc a bit longer but it seems like he'll be alright after some rest.

See you all tomorrow at 5 when the Sharks take on the Avs. Back to back at home, jack. Be there. Or at least be near a tv.

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