Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sharks V Preds, The "What Meeting?" Edition

Tonight @ 7:30 Radio, TV, Tank. Black Armor night tonight.

It's amazing that in this day and age a NHL locker room is still the best place to keep secrets. As was reported by the Sharks website and Working the Corners yesterday, the Sharks scrapped practice in order to have a meeting. What was said, what went on, we don't know. To be honest it's not really our business to know, but we all have this strange desire to be a fly on that wall. Voyeuristic intentions and all that.

Anyway, the hope is that whatever was said will transform itself into a vastly improved performance from the Sharks tonight.There is precedent for this, oddly enough coming after another past disaster in Phoenix.

The Preds themselves are a known enemy. They're frustrating in much the same way that many teams are. They play physical, often get away with some dirty stuff and their goalies all have the power to transform into some god-like force that stops pucks with laser beam eyes.Their goalies win them games. It's ridiculous, but whatever transformitive power gets bestowed upon them by the simple act of being in San Jose, rears its ugly head at the far end of the ice several times a season. This year, at least, San Jose hits back. Fights back too. And, after a meeting like the one they just had, I suspect the Sharks will be in a head pounding mood.

The Preds likely aren't as desperate as the Coyotes, having secured (so far) the 7th spot. In fact, were the playoffs to start today, we'd face them in round one. However, they're going to be hungry to show their long time enemy who's boss. Don't expect this to be an easy game. It's too late in the season for that. Every game left is an all out war. Last team standing wins.

In other news, allow me to apologize for not getting the two Overheard at the Games up on time. I've been a tad under the weather lately and while it's nothing serious, it has seriously affected my ability to focus and my energy level, making it hard to get things done. Anyway, I hope to have those up for you soon, preferably before the next game I attend.

New topper up!

Update: Poop on a stick. Clowe's injured.

Also, this. The Todd is not a happy man. The lines, they are a'changing.

Post Game Recap will come tomorrow. Yours truly needs some serious sleep. Anyway, until then, gaze upon the brutality that was Staubitz V Tootoo.

Post Game Up. Linkage to above.

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