Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Shark V Stars, The Day Before the Deadline

Tonight @7:30 Radio, TV, Tank

If you're like a lot of fans this time of year, your head is spinning with all the delicious and frightening possibilities the trade deadline could mean for your team. If you're me, you'll happily read about said possibilities, but you leave them until you have evidence that a trade is at hand. Unless it involves Bill Guerin.

I won't speculate on potential Sharks move. Fear the Fin has a thread up that's dedicated to trades (and sci fi, don't ask). I suggest checking it out. Info if posted as it comes in.

In any event, there's a game tonight at 7:30. I'm a little zonked from several days with inconsistent sleep. There are Cylons in this league. That fact alone has kept me up at night. We need them found and identified. Please stay vigilant and be on the look out for signs of them in tonight's game.

Nabby may or may not be in tonight. It depends on how he feels. I am constantly amazed at these guys playing with the flu. I had to go to work with the flu once and it sucked. How they do it is beyond me.

Not much of a preview, but I know you're all out looking up the latest moves and rumored trades. Just be sure to take a break and watch some of the game tonight.

KK's has the news on a signing and some sad times.

**Update 12:52 pm** WTC has the low down on Nabby and injuries to JR and Grier.

**Update in the third** My apologies for not posting this sooner. I wasn't lying when i said I was zonked this morning. But, between the trades news and HWFO reactions to it, please head over the Cycle Like the Sedins and check out their All Decade Team article. Solid stuff.

**Update in the fourth, 2:21 pm** so much for productivity today. DW weighs in on the Cheech rumors and the injuries over at WTC.

Post Game Recap:

No beating around the bush, that was BAD.

Yes, there were some questionable calls in the first and yes, a very questionable ejection of Joe Pa in the first. We were down a few men, but none of that lost the game for the Sharks.

The Sharks lost the game for themselves. They let the Stars set the pace and played to their will. They lost focus, they momentum and lost the game. Sure, a few things were being called on the Sharks that the officials looked the other way on when the Stars did it, but you have to adjust. You can't let the game beat you before you're done playing it.

On the plus side, it took 62 games for the Sharks to lose back to back.

No need to dwell on the bad parts. These games are going to come along in the playoffs. Now is the time to mess up and to learn from it.

Trade deadline is tomorrow at noon. I will not be staying up all night, but I'll do some recappage come morning.

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Sarah said...

your Star needs some crutches and a cast. They are so beat up and undermanned, I feel bad for them.