Friday, March 20, 2009

Sharks V Preds Post Game Edition

Last night's game was better. I'm not entirely inclined to go along with Jaime Baker's sentiment that it was good, even if he is more qualified than I to make such statements. (OK, he's MUCH more qualified, but rationality isn't part of the fan experience.) There were a few moments in the second and third where I was seriously tempted to lie down and take a nap. Some of this is due in part to my being a tad under the weather and some of it is due to the fact that after the first this game became rather boring. I don't expect 60 minutes of amazing every night but I was hoping the jump and energy we saw from both teams in the first would continue.

Now it wasn't all snore inducing city. The fight in the second was one of the biggest, if not the biggest highlight of the game. There were some comments about Staubitz using hockey as a way to get into MMA. Or boxing. No joke.

There were several moments throughout the game and the OT period when I was pretty sure a Preds goal was going in behind Nabby. Some many plays where you could see it happening but miraculously it didn't. Nabby was on his game last night, despite a few moments where he looked a tad unsteady.

Pekka Rinne was crazy good. I mean crazy good. I really want to make his name into one big word. It feels like you have to call him "PekkaRinne" every time, not just "Pekka" or "Rinne." He just has one of those names that needs to be said as the full set.

What about that goal by Michalek? Pound it towards the net long enough and eventually it will go in, eh Milan? So happy he did that.

Blake's shot was so fast I don't think anyone saw it coming. They just heard it pass the by.

The shorty was ugly. It's not entirely Joe Pa's fault, as the puck took a weird bounce, but ugh.

The other Preds goal pin balled it's way off of 40 guys and in. Madness. How do you even score that? I guess you look for who it hit last?

Overtime was a 5 minute blur of stress and sadness over PekkaRinne's ability to do his job and do it well.

Shootout. Because making me sit through a 7 round one at the Tank last Saturday wasn't enough! It went a little like this: Happy, sad, sad, happy, omg, YAY! Not stressful at!

As with many of you, I assume, I was getting a little giggle out of the feigned incredulity over the numerous questions and discussions about yesterday's (now two days ago) 90 minute meeting.I also enjoyed watching Patty artfully dodge Kate's questions about it, while seeming to give a response. That's your Captain folks. Guy know how to spin it. Drew was quite convinced that one doesn't call a 90 minute meeting with everyone in the hockey department (sans press), all the players and coaches, and the GM unless it's somewhat important. I'm fine with it being none of our business but they needed a better plan then "it was nothing."

Next game is a matinee on Sat at 1pm. Rare for us out here on the West Coast. Try to be up by game time, everyone!

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