Thursday, November 20, 2008


Nabby returns?

Nabby's back! This is great news, but, I'm reserving my excitement for just a little bit longer. Nabokov's been out for long enough that I am not sure he's totally ready to start against the Caps tomorrow night. If you've ever been injured, you know how long it can take to get back to peak form in your chosen sport. Nabokov does have access to the great trainers and rehab, so, it's not for want to quality care that I think he needs a few more days. A goalie needs great focus, and getting back into game form after 2.5 weeks off is not something one can do in a day or two. I trust McLeallan's judgement, but I think I'd be a tad more comfortable seeing Boucher get one more start, just to give Nabokov a few more days to get back into form. Nabokov is more than welcome to prove me wrong though. I'd have no issues with him coming out and making my concerns look silly.

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