Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sharks V Blackhawks

That's right. We went there.

Post Game:

This game was so all over the place, we don't even know where to begin. The last two minutes were beyond insanity when it come to suspense and chances for the Blackhawks to tie it.
So, for now, we'll leave it as it ended, with the Sharks winning 6-5.

This game was ones of those you watched and realized that if the Sharks of last year were playing it, they would have lost. The ice was kinda bad, the calls were going against them at times, and then against the Hawks, bad plays on both sides, weird back and forth play and two goalies who really needed a beer after the game. Last season's Sharks would have let the circumstances of the game defeat them, but these Sharks persevered. Barely. It certainly wasn't a pretty win, but they stuck with it and got the job done.

A game like this is good for the Sharks. They need to learn how to respond early to teams that don;t let them play their game. To prolonged pressure in their zone, and to the many odd circumstances and calls that can turn the momentum against a team. They've only had a few of those games so far this season. Let's hope they're learning from the experience.

I think they are, but time will tell. Tonight may be a good test.

Sharks Goals: Michalek, (42 seconds in!), Thornton (PP goal), Boyle (PP goal), Roenick (JR! Off the schneid!), Boyle again, (on the PP again!), and Seto (PP goal and the game winner)

I was very happy when Seto scored but then it was another 4ish minutes of nail biting suspense until the game ended.

Hawks Goals:
Versteegm (short handed), Campbell, Versteeg (dude had Boucher's number all night), Barker (PP gola), Kane (PP goal)

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