Sunday, November 30, 2008

For Those Of You Experiencing Center Ice Issues

We got an email earlier today alerting us to the fact that Comcast is apparently only offering it's customers 10 channels of Center Ice, instead of the proper 12-20 channels. Neither Mina or I have Center Ice, so we can't personally confirm the issue, however a google search will reveal problems with Comcast's Center Ice package. They appear to be wide spread and not limited to the Bay Area.

There is a thread about it here.

Some good Youtubage about the issue.

Commenters on Working the Corners blog have stated they've been able to negotiate a partial refund due to the discrepancy between promised channels and actual channels. Check the link and scroll to the comments for more info.

Might I suggest idunno723's best discovery ever?
I did have issues with it for the Stars game, but it worked wonderfully for the Phoenix game. I can't guarantee it will work perfectly for all games, this IS teh interweb afterall, but, it's a free alternative to Center Ice.

If you have more info on the Center Ice issue, let us know. We'd like to keep the info as accurate as possible.

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