Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Next Train Out of Montreal, Please.

How upset with yourself are you if you're O'Byrne right now?

We've all seen this happen to a guy on our own team. They forget the goalie isn't there, (Craig Rivet. OK, so his mistake didn't go in the net but it came very close), it goes in off you as you try to block it, bad pass in front of the net (Semenov and lots of other guys), you swat it in trying to make a save for your goalie who is out of position...yeah, it happens. Even when it benefits your team, it kinda sucks to watch. (Ok, ok, so I enjoyed Turco swatting a puck in at the Dallas v Sharks game, but that has more to do with last season's second round loss than anything else. I also thought Patty had put it in and didn't find out until I got home that it was actually Turco that scored the goal and I did feel a tad badly for him. I digress.)

I can hear Habs fans calling for his head right now. This is the guy that lost the game for their team, he's not going to be very popular. How do you even go on the ice next game after something like this? I'd be mortified. How these guys get back up and go play, and manage to come off as focused and ready to go after such a spectacularly booched play is beyond me.

I remember when Patrick Rissmiller made a mistake that caused a playoff game against the Preds to go into overtime. To say we were displeased with his performance would be putting it mildly. He somehow got his focus back, came back on and got the game winning goal in OT. That totally made up for his mistake. O'Byrne didn't get a chance at redemption.

That totally sucks.

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