Sunday, November 9, 2008

Public Service Announcement: Get out and Vote!!

Thanks to BoC and Jonny W (and Will) for the image

There comes a time in a hockey season when the NHL asks you to vote for who you, the fan, think are the greatest and most deserving players in the league. Yes, kids, beginning Wednesday you can vote for the 2009 NHL All-Star Team. And while I know that I am making it a personal mission for Dan Boyle to make the team (3 goals and 7 assists in 15 games with a +7. How sexy is that!), I am making another plea for you to spend one of your votes writing in Devin Setoguchi. Just as "Vote for the Gooch" says, young Devin is no Rory Fitzpartick (though I did vote for Rory...more than once). He has 7 goals and 7 assists in 15 games through the game in Phoenix (*sob*) and has a +5. While that's difficult pace to keep up, he's a young kid and has been a solid player in the time he's been with the Sharks. I believe in him and so should you. Besides, who wants to see the same old players year in and year out at the All-Star game. Vote for Seto and he might bring you a milkshake instead of ice cream because it's exactly what you wanted.


Will R. said...

For those keeping track at home, I (the infrequent Couch Tarts and the blog formally known as We Bleed Teal commentator) am a different Will than the one that petitioned for the name change over at BoC. As opposed to that Will, I have a clean and pure mind. {laughs self unconscious}...5 minutes later...: Before my mind was altered forever, I flip-flopped between nicknames for him (depending on what comes out of my mouth first) with my tendency being towards "Gooch."

I just noticed that Mitchell uses "Seto" in his blog, so I think I'm going to take his word for it (and share my discovery w/ BoC).

My world was shattered when I discovered I wasn’t a beautiful or unique snowflake and there was another “Will” in the world. In the name of distinction, individuality, and Nancy Kerrigan, I've changed my Blogger nickname to "Will R." Please don't think any differently of me and treat me with the same respect you would if my name was still "Will". Hehe. I sound like my Elementary teachers the day before we had a sub. - My nickname wouldn't be a nickname if I used my full name. Besides - way too long. Throw in my name suffix and it comes out to 27 characters. I don't have enough creativity to come up w/ a nom de plume. I didn't even come up w/ the word "nom de plume". I found it on Wikipedia when I looked up "pen name" to see if it was hyphenated or not.

And now for the interactive portion of my comment, what is your preferred nickname for Setoguchi?

Gray said...

And now for the interactive portion of my comment, what is your preferred nickname for Setoguchi?


Anonymous said...

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